April 28, 2012
Letter to self…

Dear Julia,

Get up.  I know you had a weird night last night, but seriously, get up.  You have an ant problem and you said you would go to CVS and get ant-killing supplies, like, three hours ago. Don’t be afraid of them, just kill them before they get into your stuff. Yes, I know you’re tired, but you also promised to stop by your friend’s place and feed her cat.  I repeat, you need to feed that cat.  I will not let you be responsible for letting your friend’s cat starve.

Speaking of food, you also need to feed yourself.  It’s nearly dinner time and you have yet to eat anything.  And you have nothing in your fridge.  I will not let you be responsible for letting yourselfstarve.

So get up. I know you just want to crawl under your covers and sleep the day away, but you have responsibilities to yourself and others.  Come on, you can do this.  I believe in you.

With love,