March 30, 2012
I read a story about a society that was suffering from a huge disparity of wealth.

There was a huge income gap between a minority of incredibly wealthy people, and a majority of incredibly poor people.

And many of those who held the wealth were abusing their power.

No laws were necessarily being broken, but the laws that existed were being abused for the personal gain of the wealthy.  Loans, taxes, fines, and contracts were being abused without consequence.  Justice was being bent to their will.

And their actions were committed at the expense of those who had no power.  Their actions perpetuated and deepened the poverty of others as a result of furthering their own financial goals.

The society that I’m describing, is it 21st century C.E., America?


It’s 8th century B.C.E., Israel, as depicted in the book of Amos.

Look how far we’ve come.

No ‘Occupy’ movement existed back then…just a man named Amos, who we know nearly nothing about.  Except that his poetic words could rival that of Homer, and he used his gift to speak for the poor, oppressed, and marginalized.  He looked right at God’s “chosen” and “anointed” city of Israel, and dared to condemn it according to the way it condemned its own citizens to abject poverty.

What if every nation, in today’s modern world, was judged according to the way they treated their poor?

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